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Get your store the attention of every influencer by with excellent reviews that show you as a powerful and dependable brand. Did you know that 70% new customers are more likely to contact a business that has been well-rated and reviewed by other customers?
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No More Swinging Between an Overcrowded Store and an Empty One

Concerned that your clients are not getting enough attention during busy hours? Or worried sick about those low footfall hours? We got your back. Plug into’s appointment tool and let your customers book appointments in a jiffy. Our tool’s web-based calendar allows retailers like you to pace your store traffic. Call on those real-time RSVPs now.

Let Your Delighted Customers Promote Your Business

Word-of-mouth is the best form of publicity! Let your customers be your store’s biggest advocates and do the selling for you. Imagine managing this with one click! That’s right, our automated tool lets gather customer reviews and feedback in the blink of an eye. We make it easy for you to capitalise on customer-generated content and grow your business.

Peek into Your Customer’s Mind with Our Feedback Solutions

No more guessing games on what your customers really feel about your retail experience. Did they like the ambience? Was the staff courteous? Did they find the products they came looking for? Get all your questions answered in a matter of seconds! Give your customers our TruformsTM  and let them tell you how the customer experience was in a few clicks.

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