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Swift and Painless Appointment Booking

With appointment tool, leave no patient waiting at home with an unbearable toothache. Our solution gets your clinic quickly discovered through Google searches by ranking in that sweet spot on the top. And not only that, you can also notify your patients when you are available. Take away the pain involved in booking appointments with our one-click tool, get raving reviews from your patients and set into motion a positive chain of events for your business.

Keep Negative Reviews in Tight Check

Did you just receive a negative review? Worry not. Let our smart tools fix it for you. With, the negative reviews you receive remain discreet and are accessible only to you. Take prompt action and convert a complaining patient into a loyal customer. And of course, let your positive reviews shine as bright as the pearly whites of your patients on every platform for the world to see with our reputation management services.

Be a Brand That Listens Well

Build excellent relationships with your patients  - Start creating engaging experiences with easy to setup surveys and feedback questions, to know your patients better

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