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Seamless Appointment Booking for Every Patient

Want to win a patient’s heart? Eliminate the need for a waiting area and a big queue by making appointment booking as easy as breathing.'s appointment tool is a no-brainer to use and lets your patients plan their visit as per their convenience. Its seamless interface assists you in increasing the number of appointment requests. What’s more, every department or doctor has a discreet appointment booking section for maximum patient privacy. Now you focus on what matters the most to your business, that is, taking care of your patient’s health.

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Stellar Patient Reviews for an Outstanding, Unblemished Online Reputation

Would you believe us if we told you that you can attract more patients to your practice by featuring at the top in local search results, outshining your competition with a glowing reputation, and converting more customers from your website? Sounds too good to be true? makes all this completely achievable by providing hospitals and other healthcare providers with an automated tool for collecting and managing patient reviews. Our tool is so easy and quick that no patient will hesitate to use it. Let your delighted customers spread the good word about you.

Get a Leg Up with Honest Patient Feedback

Your staff’s performance is the cornerstone of your healthcare service’s success. With our TruformsTM, gather customer feedback about your employees and services with a few clicks. Let your customers tell you about your employees' strong points, scope for improvement, where your business is lacking and what you can do differently. Use your customers’ feedback in building a resilient business. What is stopping you from growing? Use TruformsTM  now

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