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Proficient Appointment Scheduling from Anywhere on the Globe

Do you have the perfect pitch, products, services and strategy but are still unable to connect with new clients? Finding it hard to make your business reachable? Not anymore. Our appointment tool can help you make your business easier to connect with, across all devices and platforms, from anywhere in the world. We let your esteemed clientele schedule an appointment with you in a few quick clicks. Now tighten your tie, you have a business meeting to attend.

Qualified Reviews for a Specialist Brand

Want to be the most talked about and high-profile business in town? Well, make your business the obvious choice to close a deal with by getting reviews and feedbacks from Google, Yelp, Facebook and the other platforms where your customers are looking for services like yours and ranking at the top in search. Our automated tool lets you collect all your client reviews. We closely guard the negative reviews, so that you have the opportunity to acknowledge them and attend to the dissatisfied customers at your pace, while letting the world see the good work you have been doing through your positive reviews. And all this in no time with our super-efficient solutions.

Our TruformsTM are a Force to Be Reckoned With

Wrapped up that prized contract? Curious to know what the client thought about your services and working with you? Was there something you missed? Stop playing guessing games with yourself. We have the answers for you with our TruformsTM. That’s right, in less than a second you will be provided with real-time statistical data to see how faired with your clients. The best part about our satisfaction tracker forms is that they take less than a minute of your busy customers’ time. Nothing to stop your C-suite clients from dropping you a 5-star review!

Stop Your Bad Reviews from Becoming Uncontrollable Snowballs

A few bad reviews making your otherwise spotless track record less appealing? Don’t worry about it. We understand how stressed this can make you so we’ve got you covered. While you ponder over how you can rectify the situation and offer better customer service, we take the burden off your shoulders by keeping your negative reviews private. You take care of your business needs while we take care of your ratings.

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