Shine Brighter Than a Diamond in Your Customer’s Eyes

Polish your online reputation with’s sophisticated tools and stand out of the crowd with our solutions. Attract the crème de la crème of customers with spectacular reviews and ratings.
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Leave Your Customers Starry Eyed

Help your brand stay on top of local search with shiny 5stars that represent your company. With you are able to keep track of all the movements happening in your stores on our well-designed and visually clear dashboard, helping to capture customers attention and increase more footfall (which means more revenue).

Create an Emotional Bond of a Lifetime with Your Service

Don’t be a brand with the heart of a stone. Hear your customers out with our TruformsTM  and integrate their feedback in your everyday business with our valuable insights. Customers usually have a lot to say but refrain from doing so. TruformsTM  gives you the power to capture your customer’s sentiments in literally a matter of seconds. No more time-consuming surveys that only annoy the customer. Create a solid connection with your customers with our unbelievably easy and fast feedback solutions.

A Dashboard That Sparkles with Insights

Have you noticed a significant increase in the number of customers? Do you see your sales expanding? Or have the footfalls fallen? Are customers complaining more? Track all the movements happening in your stores on our well-designed, visually clear and extremely insightful dashboard. helps you analyse customer engagement, reviews, feedback, and sentiment analysis on the back of your hand. Outshine your competition by knowing the pulse of your market.

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A Mirror to Show True Feelings

They bought those diamonds and left your store smiling. But were they truly satisfied with the service you provided? Do you have any concerns about how your staff treated them? Are you unsure if they will return or recommend your shop to other customers? Don't worry, we've built a particular tool to assist you in understanding what your customers’ truly think about you. Not only will you be able to understand what's going on in your customer's mind, but you'll also be able to devise effective tactics to overcome any issue that isn't working in your favour. Our sentiment analysis tool evaluates your clients' opinions based on a variety of factors and provides you with a single score. There will no longer be any worries or sleepless nights wondering whether your customers were satisfied with your service. It's time to win your consumers' hearts with our emotion score tracker.

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